Pablo Rozas

Argentinian musician Pablo Emmanuel Rozas has been a professional musician for over 20 years. He started studying the piano at age 9. At the age of 15, he began to fully dedicate himself to his music path, until he started travelling the world and developed as a multi-instrumentalist and music producer; finding his style and sound-integrating musical instruments typical of different cultures, and

electronic tools, such as loop-stations and synthesizers, discovering the sound of electro-organic music (Experimental, Organic Downtempo), thus giving rise to a fusion between the spirit of Andean and Amazonian ancestral music, ceremonial, medicine music and the electronic groove. He considers dance and Music as

Sacred Medicines.

Pablo creates his medicine music in an electro-organic format with a Live Act that is born from stillness, subtlety and sound meditation. He progressively increases until it reaches the rhythm- the pulse of electronic beats and live looping, always mixed with the organic nature of different instruments, singing and prayers.

Past projects Pablo was involved in include “Pasaje Universo”(2011-2022), 

as a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer, travelling the world, participating in many healing, world music, and electronic festivals. Currently, Pablo is working on his solo project, as a medicine musician for ecstatic dance, conscious parties, cacao and other types of ceremonies.

As a channeler of music he seeks to reach deep into the hearts… 

in service, and 

for the greater good.

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